Message Parse Email Extraction

Process Emailed Data Quickly and Easily

Message Parse is a simple to use, but powerful, program that allows you to extract data from messages and share it with your other applications.


When your web users submit a form, place an order, or subscribe to your newsletter, the most common way to process that information is with an email message. The problem is that processing those emails can be time consuming and labor intensive. More than that, retyping data is error prone.


With Message Parse web form submissions (or any other email) are processed quickly and easily according to rules that you set up. The software will extract the data that you need from the email and enable you to send it to other applications.


Message Parse will save you time and money when working with your crucial business data. Whether you have a small online business or you run a multi-site store, our software will make your job less labor intensive, and it will add a level of accuracy to the processing of data that you never thought possible.


Common uses Message Parse to:

Quickbooks imports

Extract Data from an order for use with QuickBooks or other accounting applications.

Contact information

Get contact information from an order to add to a database.

Process information

As a simple solution to add support requests to the shared support database. Process information submitted by site visitors to maintain email subscription lists.

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Product Pricing

The following prices are based on a single order and per computer. Unit price is $149.95

System Requirement

Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.

Disk Space: Under 2 MB

Operating System: